6. If you cannot understand any step on the instruction, please ask local archery dealer for help. 

    Sunya Sports carbon arrows aftersales service email is:

2. Hold your arrow between your thumb and other fingers, and move it back and forth with your other hand. Use your fingertips to feel the whole arrow to notice if the arrow has any crack, fissure, or any damage on the arrow surface. If noticed, please destroy the defective arrow. Never shoot a defective arrow.

3. Grab the arrow from the head to the end with two hands and use a little force trying to bend the arrow. Bend the arrow to the different side than the previous step. If heard or noticed any cracking sound or crunch sound, please destroy the defective arrow.

4. Hold the fletching ends and point or tip, twist the shaft, if you see or feel any damage, please do not use the arrow.

5. A broken arrow may hurt you and people around you while using. If you feel any unsecure while using the arrow, please discard the arrow without doubt.


1. Please check every arrow shaft, clasp and other parts to see that if they are broken. If broken, feel free to contact us for replacement. Never shoot a defective arrow.

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